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Posted on : 02 August, 2013


1. SVT's MDVR can properly switch between 2G and 3G network.
If only 2G without 3G network can access�MDVR switch to 2G.
If both 2G and 3G signal can catch, MDVR switch to 3G.
2. Why mobile network Dialing failed or Not Dialing?
1) SIM card plug in. Make sure the SIM card matches with 2G/3G module, such as WCDMA,EVDO,EDGE.    
2) SIM card isn't out of charge.
3) The antenna properly connect. Make sure the GPRS signal is higher than 15, the other module higher than 8.
4) Check the active mode. If you choose the SMS/Call activate Mobile, make sure to activate it. And you SIM card open the service of 'Caller number Display'
PS. All the network info could check by 'Enter' button of remote controller.
3. Why mobile network Dial up, but cant connect to the Message Server, (don't display Dial Success)?
Make sure 'vehicle NO'. and 'vehicle S/N for CMS' are not blank, and they should be unique with other MDVR.
2) Server IP and Port. The server IP is a public IP , and the MDVR can successfully connect with.
3) If the server is under a local network, its IP and Port need to Mapped on the router.
4) SIM card isn’t out of charge.
4. How to choose Mode1 and Mode2 in Sub Stream?
1) Mode1 can setup the Resolution, Frame rate, Quality, Bandwidth for each Channel. If the network speed is not enough, it reduce the frame rate but keep the resolution and quality.
It’s suitable for WIFI and Net cable, since there bandwidth are stable.
2) Mode2 can setup the total Bandwidth, it automatically to share the bandwidth for each Channel. Total Bandwidth is the maximum encode rate of sub stream. For ADAPT mode, it modify the bandwidth and frame rate according to the network statue. It’s suitable for mobile network.
3) Mode1 suitable for the bandwidth is stable and known, and ask for high quality video.
    Mode2 suitable for the bandwidth is dynamic and unknown, and ask for fluency.
5. Why MDVR via WIFI cant connect to the Server?
1) Please check the IP and ESSID.
2) WIFI antenna.
3) If the WIFI signal is lower than -96db, Check the WIFI router, fix the Frequency band to a certain band.
4) Ping MDVR from the server PC.

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