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Posted on : 02 August, 2013


1. Can GPS and Video transmit separately?
    Yes. We can setup the GPS update time in CMS, or turn off the GPS update. Plus the video has include the GPS info.
2. Does CMS support Vista and Win7?
   CMS can support WIN7, but can not run stably under Vista.
3. Can we keep the vehicle info when update the transmit server?
    Yes. Please keep the 'config' folder under the Transmit Server root folder, and cover the folder after installation.
4. MDVR can dialed up, but the MDVR can not be online on the message server?
   (1) Please make sure your SIM card can support internet function, active your SIM card when use it for the first time.
   (2) Make sure you setup the right 3G module type on the MDVR, it must be the module type built-in the MDVR.
   (3) Please make sure the SIM card and the network are from the same telecommunications operator.
   (4) Please make sure the MDVR server IP is correct.
   (5) Check whether you have map 5556 to the message server.
   (6) Please check the completeness of register information (VEHICLE NO. and VEHICLE S/N FOR CMS couldn’t be blank).
5. MDVR online and offline frequently on the message server, and on client no GPS icon?
    Please setup the MDVR first, SETUP--SYSTEM--CONFIG, choose RESTORE here, the GPS upload function will be closed, interval will      be 10 seconds.
Then please open GPS upload to CMS function on the CMS client, or setup the interval again.
6. Device is not online on message server.
Your PC must have fixed IP.
(1) Check whether you input the register info. on the MDVR. ID and vehicle name.
(2) Check whether you setup the right Server IP.
>> WAN: Check whether you had mapped 5556 port to the PC.
Use telnet command to check the port.
START>>RUN: telnet public IP ports,like input the  telnet 5556
>> LAN: (WIFI or cable) it is more easy, no need to check the ports, just use ping command to check the network. But for LAN, WIFI and cross cable IP could not in the same segment.
7. Device is online on the message server, but not show online on the client?
(1) Transmit server setup: IP, ID , vehicle name
(2) Please attention, the CMS 2.0 can not work together with the CMS 1.0, so please reinstall  both the server and the client when you need to upgrade the CMS.
8. Device is online on the client, but can not get video?
(1) The CMS 2.0 can not support main stream transmission, so please open the Sub-stream function on the MDVR.
(2) Video transmission need the PC Direct X above 8.1. Please check it by input Dxdiag in START>> RUN
(3) Please check the Transmit server setup, including the transmit server network setup and the vehicle setup (ID and transmit IP) in the transmit server.
(4) Firewall and anti-virus software
(5) OS (XP/WIN7)
9. Why can not receive the alarm information when alarm is triggered?
Enable the alarm function on the MDVR.
Setup the alarm on the CMS.
10. Some time the video is very clear, but some time is not so good.
>>For H.264 video, there is I frame and P frame. I frame contains more details of the video, but the P frame contains less, so when the CMS get I frame, it will be very good. But for P frame it will be not so good.
>> Resolution: D1 > HD1>CIF
11. How to get audio?
Please open the audio function on MDVR first, the MDVR will record and transmit the audio synchronously with the video.
Then on the CMS, please open the sound switch, both the PC and the CMS. On the CMS, only one channel audio can be playback concurrently, so click the video window to check the voice of this channel.
12. How to know whether it is getting video?
Check the color of this icon below the video window : Green means the CMS is receiving video now, blue means it is trying to get video.
13. Register
For transmit server, please get the machine code from "START" "ALL PROGRAM" TRANSMIT SERVER DVRREGISTER
For Client, please click the button on the client>>setup>> system.
After the register, the register button on will be hidden.
14. Message server can not be uninstalled nor reinstalled.
Please make sure these two programs are ended: MessageServerControl.exe and MessageServer.exe from task manager before uninstall.

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