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Video Surveillance Cameras For Schools

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Video Surveillance Cameras For Schools

Posted By : 14 January, 2014

Violence has given rise to the use of video surveillance in various public places. And schools are also not left unaffected from the violence which is quite prevalent nowadays. Increasing exposure of children to violent activities, which are dramatized by actors in television series and movies, has led to the increase of hostile behaviour amongst students. Evidently, the authorities of schools have realised the need to install video surveillance cameras in the school campus and school vehicles in order to monitor children and their activities.

If you own a school or are responsible for its maintenance then you must consider installing Cameras in the school premises. Following points will give you a brief outline about the places in your school that need Video Surveillance:

  • Parking Lots: Recent cases of violence in school parking lots have made it one of the primary places that need Video Surveillance. Therefore, it is very necessary to install few Cameras that can efficiently cover the whole area in the parking lot of the school.
  • Entrance & Exit: All the entrance and exit points within the school premises must be monitored by Video Surveillance to make sure that children are not entering or exiting the school at inappropriate time. Cameras at entrance and exit points will also prevent mischievous elements from gaining access to the school.
  • Playground & Premises: Playground and other outdoor area in the school should necessarily be installed with Cameras in order to control situations such as fights and conflicts amongst children.
  • Hallways: Hallways should also be kept under Video Surveillance in order to keep a constant vigil on the activities of children.
  • School Buses: School Buses should also be installed with Cameras for the benefit of children who are travelling in it.       

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