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The Highly Effective Functioning Of HD IP Cameras

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The Highly Effective Functioning Of HD IP Cameras

Posted By : 14 January, 2014

HD IP Cameras are a new-age technological advancement that enables high-definition (HD) video streaming from anywhere through an integrated internet-protocol (IP) connection. Unlike the closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras which use analogue signal for data transmission, HD IP Cameras employ a computer network or internet for the transmission of data. These cameras are basically of two types, which are explained in the sub-heads below:

Decentralized HD IP Cameras
These cameras have built-in recording function and hence there is no requirement of a central system of Network Video Recorder (NVR). The recorded data is directly sent through a network where it is stored in the local storage medium like hard disk drives and flash drives.

Centralized HD IP Cameras
These cameras require a central system of network video recorder (NVR) for handling the data which is recorded by it. Centralized HD IP Cameras do not have an in-built recording system, the images and videos are recorded by the integrated NVR system.

Basic Advantages Of HD IP Cameras

  • The modem of an HD IP Cameras can efficiently work on power over Ethernet (POI) supply. Therefore, modem does not require an additional power supply for working properly.
  • These cameras also offer the convenience of remote accessibility of the videos recorded by them. Live videos recorded by them can be viewed on devices such as computer and Smartphone.
  • Commands like pan, tilt and zoom can be transferred through single network cable to the camera.
  • The data transferred through the network of a HD IP Camera can be secured by employing encryption and authentication methods.
  • The data can be transferred through a wireless network connection.
  • The network cable in this system enables two-way transmission, which allows the users to communicate well.      

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